Self-employment may sound great, at the surface. After all, you generally get the opportunity to make your own hours, set your own pay rate, and take time off without needing to get permission from anyone else first. Unfortunately, being self-employed comes with a wealth of different hurdles to cover that, for many, outweigh the benefits of self-employment. You will fall under a different tax schedule, you may have to take care of finding (and paying for the entirety of) your own health insurance, and—the most unappealing aspect for most—you rarely have the promise of a steady, guaranteed paycheck every month. For physicians who want the opportunity to see more of the country and work in a variety of different hospitals and clinics, a locum tenens position may appeal, but the worries of self-employment offer pretty sizeable drawbacks.


Working as a Locum Doctor

Many physicians prefer locum tenens positions because of the freedom offered. You can choose between short- and long-term positions, you can choose the region (or leave your options wide open to see more of the country), and experience a range of different sized hospitals and clinics. Working as a locum tenens physician is often a great option for recently graduated doctors who are still unsure where exactly they want to settle and it offers a great opportunity to experience more of the country. And, as an added bonus, most temporary locum tenens positions can become permanent if you really love a specific placement.



Is Locum Tenens Considered Self-Employment?

No! Working as a locum doctor is not considered self-employment. At Preferred Solutions, we arrange everything before you head off to a placement, so you get all the perks of a full-time position with the freedom of self-employment. When you work with Preferred Solutions to find a locum tenens position, you always have the opportunity to say no to potential placements and you can request certain regions if you have a preference. On top of that, we provide your malpractice insurance and handle all airline tickets, hotel booking, and rental car coverage so you don’t have to worry about where to go or how you’ll get around during your placement. To assuage any worries you may have, we’ll arrange your pay before you go so you can know both how long you’ll be in a placement and what you will earn. We will help with any licensing before you go to your placement and arrange an orientation with the appropriate liaison once you arrive at the hospital. And, if you really love where you ended up, we will work as your recruitment go-between to work with you and the hospital about turning that locum tenens position into a permanent placement.


If you’re interested in the freedom of self-employment without the worry about insurance or regular pay, a locum tenens position may be just what you’re looking for! Apply online or contact the physician recruitment specialists at Preferred Solutions to learn more about working as a locum doctor and see what exciting new places this type of position can take you!