When you work in the medical field, there are plenty of directions you can choose to go in with your career. You are able to decide between working in hospitals, a doctor’s office, teaching, or even researching. If you are thinking and leaning more towards becoming a family physician, your best work environment would be an office. Now, once you decide where you want to practice, how will you do it? You could open your own practice. However, you want to be in your career for some time, so you have the means, experience, and patient base to do so. What many individuals decide to do right out of school is to become a locum doctor. A locum doctor can travel all over the country where needed and can keep doing temporary jobs or find a permanent position. Locum tenens work gives you a lot of freedom as well as experience.

If you are wanting to do locum tenens, that is amazing and we are so thrilled for you! Our medical staffing company, Preferred Solutions locum staffing is the perfect solution for you to find an amazing position in the career you love. Our medical staffing agency only handles the best candidates and works with the best medical facilities, and ensures you are placed in an area you will be content with. We know medical school and residency were tough enough; let us take on some of the hard work for you. Our locum staffing is just what you need to guide your career in the right direction.

In this post, we wanted to go over all the beneficial attributes to choosing a medical staffing agency, such as Preferred Solutions. Hopefully, this post will educate you on why it is much to your benefit to have a specialized and professional team assist you in finding locum tenens position.

Benefits of Locum Staffing Agencies


Locum staffing agencies have been working with the medical industry for many years, so they will be aware of the best facilities, positions, and areas to work in a chosen field. They know the medical world intricately and you have a confidence speaking with our educated and professional agents. Many other staffing agencies offer a wide array of jobs in all different career fields. When you choose a locum staffing agency, this is their only focus, which means finding a job for you will be a top priority.


At our medical and locum staffing agency, you can expect quality every time. We hand pick our candidates, so we know they will excel wherever they are placed for their locum tenens assignment. We look for skilled, professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable physicians to staff medical facilities all over the country. You can be reassured that you will be assigned to areas with individuals like yourself with the same mindset and goals in place.


Preferred Solutions has a great reputation all over the country and with many different medical facilities and medical professionals that have been using our medical staffing for years. The businesses we work with are trusted, and we weed out all the irrelevant options you may experience searching on your own.

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When you choose a locum staffing agency like us, you will not be disappointed. Start your medical career the right way by working locum tenens. Enjoy flexibility in your schedule, a great salary, and being able to help people all over. Get started with us today!