In our last few blog posts, we have been going over some of the amazing places you can work all over the country. Becoming a locum doctor gives you so many possibilities and much more flexibility than a traditional physician’s position. If you are someone who loves helping people, likes their free time, and wants to travel the country, becoming a locum physician with Preferred Solutions is a great option for you!

Preferred Solutions is a wonderful medical staffing agency that places you in the areas you want to be. We can match you in locations you have always wanted to go. Locum doctors go to places where they are needed most. When working locum, you know you are helping people and fulfilling the obligation you took when becoming a doctor.

The next stop on your locum tenens route is the beautiful, fun, and lively city of Nashville. Nashville gives off the buzz of the city life but is not as overwhelming as others. It has great medical facilities to work in, and always has something for you to do during your down time

Why Become a Locum Doctor in Nashville

Work in Fantastic Medical Facilities

Nashville is home to over 30 hospitals within the metropolitan area and some of the best in the nation. You could potentially be staffed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This hospital is ranked number one in Nashville and is one of the best facilities in the country for Urology. This hospital is home to some of the greatest medical professionals and you would feel proud working side by side with them. Learn all there is to know in your specialty, while still having time to see all the wonderful attributes Nashville has to offer.

Why Locum for Physicians?

See Live Music

If you love music, you will love a city like Nashville. This city is bustling with amateur and professional musicians all year round! Country music runs strong here, but Nashville doesn’t forget about the other amazing genres of music as well. One of the greatest music venues in the country is The Grand Ole Opry. Dubbed the “Home of American Music” you can see some of your favorite artists in this beautiful theater. Check out the Opry’s schedule when you are working locum and see a show you will never forget!

History of Music

While seeing live music is an activity all it’s own, if you are a history buff as well, you should visit all the museums surrounding music! If you are a country fan, you will love the Country Music Hall of Fame! This museum is adorned with information, facts, and fun stories all about your favorite artists like Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, and Loretta Lynn. Enjoy rotating exhibits at this museum and really feel the country music following through your veins.

If the country isn’t totally your thing, we know you can appreciate a classic and amazing rockstar such as Johnny Cash. This museum is dedicated to this music legend with actual artifacts, guitars, and photos of Cash’s life. Learn about the roots of Johnny Cash from his childhood all the way up to his final days. This museum is first class and one you will absolutely want to see while working locum in Nashville.


Nashville has some of the best weather in the country with an average low of 50 degrees, and that’s only in the “winter” months. Nashville is nice almost all year round, which makes for a fun and relaxing outdoor activities. Enjoy a nice drink on a patio at some amazing restaurants and bars, or go on an adventure through the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Many local parks are around that you can just take a nice leisurely stroll through and enjoy that Tennessee sunshine.

Becoming a locum doctor in Nashville has many perks. Preferred Solutions can match you with well-known facilities where you will be making a difference. Enjoy the ability to travel and having a flexible schedule working locum. Sign up for our medical staffing services and get started today!