1. 4 Benefits of Rural Locum Tenens Work

    Rural Locum Tenens Work Here at Preferred Solutions, we want you to find the locum tenens position that best suits your needs. We understand that physicians often choose locum tenens work to see new places, experience new things, and broaden their work experience. While many urban areas are a great fit for locum tenens workers, rural areas come with an added set of benefits that their city counter…Read More

  2. The History of Locum Tenens

    Locum tenens refers to the practice of physicians either briefly filling in for another physician at a practice, or serving temporarily in whatever clinic in a certain region needs them. This practice has allowed thousands of physicians to serve millions of people who would normally not have easy access to a doctor. Although locum tenens is a common practice today, locum work was not always availa…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Working Locum Tenens

    Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means” to hold the place of.” The practice was popularized in the 1970s with doctors from the the University of Utah being awarded federal grants to provide staffing for rural areas in the western United States. The results were so successful that the practice has continued ever since. At Preferred Solutions, we specialize in helping locum doctors find pract…Read More

  4. Protecting the Locum Doctor

    How Important is Insurance in a Locum Assignment? As a medical staffing agency specializing in locums,  we are often asked about locum tenens insurance coverage. Literally meaning “place holder” a locum tenens physician or nurse is one who accepts a temporary assignment in a clinic or office in place of a regular doctor. Doctor and dental offices often use locum tenens staff to cover incre…Read More