1. Why Staffing is Critical to an Organization’s Performance

    In an ideal world, every business would run with efficiency that would make the Germans proud and all employees would operate together as seamlessly as a Swiss watch. Unfortunately for those lofty ideals, people are not machines and a business rarely runs as smoothly as owners might wish. Even with an excellent and well-tuned operating plan in place, one position vacancy can be enough to throw the…Read More

  2. Are Locum Doctors Self-Employed?

    Self-employment may sound great, at the surface. After all, you generally get the opportunity to make your own hours, set your own pay rate, and take time off without needing to get permission from anyone else first. Unfortunately, being self-employed comes with a wealth of different hurdles to cover that, for many, outweigh the benefits of self-employment. You will fall under a different tax sche…Read More

  3. Travel the World as a Locum Doctor

    Between an undergraduate degree and the years of medical school and residency, it’s common knowledge across the country that, for a vast majority of young, new doctors, it’s impossible to escape higher education with zero debt. The way our nation’s university costs have gone, whether you choose a public school or private institution, it is, unfortunately, easier than ever to rack up tens (or…Read More

  4. Why Hire Locum Doctors? Fill a Need Quickly!

    Hospitals world wide see a great deal of turnover, in part because of the high number of extensively trained physicians, nurses, and other staff needed to keep everything running smoothly. Which means, more often than not, a single position vacancy can feel like it has ripples of impact throughout the entire staffing infrastructure. The solution to this is probably easier than you realize: hiring …Read More

  5. Benefits of Using our Locum Staffing Agency

    When you work in the medical field, there are plenty of directions you can choose to go in with your career. You are able to decide between working in hospitals, a doctor's office, teaching, or even researching. If you are thinking and leaning more towards becoming a family physician, your best work environment would be an office. Now, once you decide where you want to practice, how will you do it…Read More

  6. Benefits of Being a Locum Doctor in Austin

    Being a locum doctor gives you much more freedom than you would initially consider. You get to travel all over the country and get a change of scenery when you feel necessary, plus you are gaining a thorough and beneficial amount of experience for when you do want to settle down and potentially open your own practice! At Preferred Solutions, we want to help you succeed in your medical career. We k…Read More

  7. Locum Tenens For New Physicians

    Choosing to go to medical school is a major decision for any adult. Whether you are just out of college, or you have waited many years to get back into your education, you are taking a huge step for your future career within medicine. However, when deciding to go to medical school, there is a lot of debt that comes with it. According to bestmedicalschools.net, the average debt amount for in-state …Read More

  8. The History of Locum Tenens

    Locum tenens refers to the practice of physicians either briefly filling in for another physician at a practice, or serving temporarily in whatever clinic in a certain region needs them. This practice has allowed thousands of physicians to serve millions of people who would normally not have easy access to a doctor. Although locum tenens is a common practice today, locum work was not always availa…Read More