Between an undergraduate degree and the years of medical school and residency, it’s common knowledge across the country that, for a vast majority of young, new doctors, it’s impossible to escape higher education with zero debt. The way our nation’s university costs have gone, whether you choose a public school or private institution, it is, unfortunately, easier than ever to rack up tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in student loans – and for no one is this more true than doctors. Of course, it’s imperative that our doctors receive the best training and education so they are well-equipped to save lives and improve on current medical techniques. However, that comes at the cost of a heap of debt and a bevy of young doctors who work too much in order to pay off that debt and afford to live. It seems impossible to think about the other things the Millennial generation dream of; in particular, it may feel impossible to get out and see the world when buried under such a large heap of debt.


Balancing Debt, Bills, and Life

The Millennial generation is widely known for two disparate things: having too much university-level debt and for buying so many things that previous generations could never afford. It puts Millennials in a bit of a negative light, one that isn’t necessarily true. Most of the current generation are graduating from universities with more debt than ever before, but the average pay rate for most career paths isn’t seeing the commensurate increase. What this means now, more than ever, is that young college graduates, even those in lucrative and high-demand careers, are faced with a delicate balance between paying off those student loans without defaulting and covering the cost for basic living needs. It means that, for most recent college and medical school graduates, they must balance living in fun, young metropolitan areas with the cost of living.

Enjoying Life and Paying Bills

The answer to balancing all those bills and living in exciting places is simple: choose a locum doctor position! As a locum doctor or locum tenens physician, you can live in those thrilling places all over the country and still be able to afford it! A locum tenens physician position means you spend one week out of every month working in rural areas that desperately need modern medical care but have little access. In exchange for that one week a month, you can earn enough to support yourself as you pay down those school loans and still buy a veggie-filled meal or two each week. Also, as a locum doctor, you will gain a wealth of experience while you work out in those more rural areas.

If you’re interested in locum tenens physician work, and the benefits it may have for you as a new medical school graduate, contact Preferred Solutions, LLC to learn more! See how you can travel to new places, live in the cities you crave, and bring better medical care to areas that need it. Contact us here to start the locum doctor application process!