Welcome back to our blog series about all the wonderful and amazing places you can be a locum doctor! Becoming a locum tenen physician has nothing but benefits. At Preferred Solutions, we are your premier medical staffing agency that can help you find the best places with the most amazing medical facilities to work for. Working locum gives you the freedom of more flexibility, getting more experience under your belt, and seeing what this great country has to offer. Work in big cities or small towns, whatever you prefer. We help find the perfect match that is right for your medical career.

In our next post, we are going to go over the many benefits of working in a city that needs no introduction. This city has one of the best medical facilities in the country, along with some of the best education institutions as well. Sports run through this cities blood, and people have a hustle and bustle that just won’t quit. Of course, we are talking about Boston.

Benefits of Becoming a Locum Doctor in Boston

Massachusetts General Hospital

Mass Gen for short, this hospital is one of the best in the entire nation, ranking in the top 3 every year. This medical facility is located in the heart of Boston. Additionally, Mass Gen is the leader in teaching hospitals, as it was the first and created the stepping stones for others today. With Mass Gen and Harvard being affiliated, you know you will only do great things with your medical career when you step through the doors. Becoming a locum physician really sets the bar for your medical career. Help patients who truly need it and work alongside many incredible medical professionals.


Sports are Alive

If you are like most other Americans, you can really get behind your sports team. The streets of Boston run with blue, red, and green blood. The Patriots are a football team that, recently, won their fifth super bowl. The Red Socks have been an amazing baseball team for decades and going to a game at Fenway is a staple in Boston. Finally, the Celtics are a wonderful basketball team with a lot of heart and Irish flair. Even if you don’t love the teams that hail from Boston, going to a game is a fun pastime and when working locum, you will have the time to enjoy days off.

Mass Public Transit

If you are like most people, you want to protect our planet. Going green is a great way to do this and using your car less is another impactful way to air our planet’s ecosystems and the ozone layer. Boston has a plethora of public transportation that is safe and runs quite late if you are on the night shift. Enjoy busses, trains, and biking to your destination. Living in Boston doesn’t require you to have a car, which can cut down on some of your expenses. Additionally, the weather in Boston has all four seasons, so for at least half of the year, enjoy walking to your destination.

Did We Say Seafood?

If you love lobster, crab, salmon, or any other type of seafood for that matter, you are coming to the right place. Boston is one of the meccas for seafood, and rightly so. Being close to the ocean, you can get the freshest fish you have ever tasted. When you come down to the waterfront district, expect a plethora of seafood options to tantalize your taste buds. You will be able to try everything from oysters to fried fish that is delectably golden brown. If you aren’t near the waterfront, no problem! There is seafood riddled all over the entire city for you to indulge in. Being a locum doctor gives you the ability to be able to go to a dinner on a Saturday night, as opposed to other medical professionals. Enjoy the luxury of your flexible schedule.

Embrace Culture

Boston is a diverse city with a lot to offer. With the museums, a great comedy scene, and local artists, you will need to question what to do on a given day or night. One museum, if you love art, is the Museum of Fine Arts. Take an afternoon stroll around this breathtaking museum with incredible artwork. If the weather is nice, you need to check out the Boston Public Garden, where you can see the Boston common as well as a beautiful park that you deserve to relax in. Finally, embrace the history that is all over the Boston area. If Halloween is one of your favorite times of the year, you must visit Salem. Enjoy the wicked activities and learn all about witch culture. If Salem isn’t your forte, learn all about the history of one of the first colonies in the nation as well. Relic in the fact that many of these attractions are free certain days, for Boston residents!

As you can see, Boston is a great place to live and work when you are a locum doctor. Being locum gives you the ability to see the country and decide where your permanent place should be. Mass Gen is one of the leaders in the medical world as well as many other medical facilities in the area. When you decide to use our medical staffing, we ensure we will find you an amazing place to show off your medical skills. Our medical staffing team is passionate and persistent when it comes to helping you with your career. Learn more about Preferred Solutions and become a Locum doctor through us, today!