Hospitals world wide see a great deal of turnover, in part because of the high number of extensively trained physicians, nurses, and other staff needed to keep everything running smoothly. Which means, more often than not, a single position vacancy can feel like it has ripples of impact throughout the entire staffing infrastructure. The solution to this is probably easier than you realize: hiring a locum tenens physician from a trusted physician staffing agency like Preferred Solutions can help with both short and long-term medical staffing!

What We Do

Primary amongst our services is saving you time because Preferred Solutions does the legwork for you. We focus solely on physician staffing and locum tenens physician placement, which means we take the time to recruit and extensively screen every applicant seeking locum tenens work before they enter our pool of candidates. We screen out inappropriate applicants and interview potential locum doctor hopefuls thoroughly so we can ensure we provide hospitals and clinics across the country with our candidate pool.

Because we screen locum tenens physicians so thoroughly, this makes it easier to match locum doctors with the hospital or clinic they will fit best in terms of need. By doing so, we can improve successful matches and reduce turnover for long term locum tenens work or fill a need quickly for short term locum staffing. We not only strive to fill your medical staffing need quickly, we seek to provide the very best fit we can to strengthen your medical team.

Choose Physician Staffing

At Preferred Solutions, we hire locum tenens physicians all across the nation so we can develop a network that is both rich in highly skilled locum doctors and full of a wide variety of specialties and options. When you have a medical staffing need arise quickly, you need it filled just as swiftly; however, you should never have to make do with a placeholder. At Preferred Solutions, we will match your need with the best candidate in our locum doctor pool. With locum staffing, you can get the professional staffing solutions you need to fill a role while you search for a long term solution. Or, simply ask us about candidate looking for a long term placement! At preferred Solutions, we have locum tenens physicians seeking both short term and long term positions.
If you need physician staffing quickly, call Preferred Solutions today to get started on filling your staffing needs!