In an ideal world, every business would run with efficiency that would make the Germans proud and all employees would operate together as seamlessly as a Swiss watch. Unfortunately for those lofty ideals, people are not machines and a business rarely runs as smoothly as owners might wish. Even with an excellent and well-tuned operating plan in place, one position vacancy can be enough to throw the entire system off—and no place is this more true than at a hospital. In order to keep your hospital or clinic running as seamlessly as possible, who you choose and how you go about staffing can make all the difference.


Why Staffing Matters

In a nutshell, staffing is the life-blood of your hospital. It’s the physicians, surgeons, and nursing staff who take care of the actual healthcare needs of the patients who come through your doors, but it’s also the receptionists, security guards, cleaning staff, and every other person who impacts the day-to-day operations. Proper staffing means more than just filling a position; it is seeing the need and hiring the right person to fill it. It is improving the overall manpower and organization of a business, and as you may imagine, the larger an organization the more complex it is to organize, fill positions, and run. Being short one orthopedic surgeon or neonatal nurse can be enough to throw schedules out of whack, push the rest of the staff in that department to work longer hours, and potentially cause mistakes and cost the hospital money.


In order to prevent chaos and costly problems, well-tuned medical staffing can make a world of difference. This goes beyond simply ensuring you have sufficient manpower; it is taking the time to find a qualified and well-fitting applicant to fit a specific need—and this is the point at which a medical staffing company can make a difference where a small human resources department may not be enough. Physician staffing companies, like the team here at Preferred Solutions, focus solely on recruiting the best locum tenens candidates and working individually with hospitals and clinics to meet their needs.



Staffing Agencies Versus Human Resources

Medical staffing companies like Preferred Solutions keep a small focus so we can do a more effective job. Where H.R. departments are often spread thin between all the different departments and needs, we focus solely on physician staffing, which means a great deal of more directed focus. Because we know how much impact a single person can have on the operation of a hospital or clinic as a whole, we take the time to thoroughly check and interview every potential locum doctor before they enter our candidate pool. When you come to us for physician staffing, we take the time to learn the ins and outs of your staffing need so we can send the right locum tenens physician to fit your need, not just fill a vacancy.


If you need physician staffing assistance, contact the team at Preferred Solutions today! Our medical staffing specialists will work with you to fill your need as quickly as possible with a locum tenens physician who fits the role well. Contact us online or give us a call to get started!