In our last blog, we went over all the perks of being a locum doctor in Nashville. Sunshine, fun activities and great medical facilities create a great environment in Nashville. Another great southern city only about four hours south of Nashville is Atlanta. Atlanta is known for its southern hospitality, musical roots, and sports enthusiasts. Not only does Atlanta offer these amazing traits, but it also has one of the best medical facilities in the country.

At Preferred Solutions, we want to match you with not only a medical facility that suits you and your needs but an area that you will enjoy and thrive in. Our medical staffing agency is professional, friendly, and is knowledgeable about what you need from your career moves.

When working locum, you have so many opportunities to explore different medical facilities and cities, and eventually decide where you want to work permanently. Atlanta is another great place with lots of opportunities, exciting city life, and gorgeous weather all year round!

Why Become a Locum Doctor in Atlanta

Wonderful Medical Facilities

With some of the best hospitals in the country, it is an area filled with some the best medical professionals in the country. Emory University Hospital is ranked in 6 different adult specialties on a national level. This hospital has leaders in cardiac, oncology, and transplantation care and procedures. Experience a diverse and busy hospital setting and be proud to offer a helping hand to such an outstanding medical facility. Working locum lets you experience things that many other physicians miss out on. Enjoy the flexible schedule and a change of pace being a locum doctor.

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Georgia Aquarium

If you are an individual who loves learning, science, and aquatic life, this aquarium is one you will thoroughly enjoy. This aquatic home is ranked number one in the entire country and even ranked among the world. You can do things here that you may have never thought possible, such as interact with beluga whales! This aquarium offers an interactive feature under supervision where you are able to see this beautiful creature up close! You also have the option to tour the facility behind the scenes. See the sights backstage and learn the ins and outs of this famous aquarium. Finally, enjoy all the amazing sea life that the aquarium has to offer while learning about how they are a rehabilitation facility and how they help sea life from all over.

Fox Theater

Atlanta is yet another city that is bustling in the music scene, and that means you need to visit the Fox Theater. See some of your favorite musical and comedic artists, as well as musicals performed at this famous theater. This theater has been around since 1928 and is still as popular as ever. The theater is home to over 200 shows a year with big names like Chris Rock, Norah Jones, and the Avett Brothers. Review the 2017 schedule and when you’re working locum in Atlanta, check out the next show!

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Come see the home of the man who “had a dream” in this famous and amazing historical landscape. The historic site is home to some of the most special places that played a role in Martin Luther King Jr.’s life. Feel his presence in the home he was born in. Hear his speeches by sitting in his church. And finally, remember how much he has done for civil rights and take a moment to let that all sink in.

Atlanta is full of amazing medical teams, tons of activities and history, and beautiful weather to take advantage of. At Preferred Solutions, enjoy working where you want to do what you love. Let our medical staffing agency help you further your career. Contact us today to find out where you belong! Check back for our blogs about all the benefits of becoming a locum doctor!