The Locum Tenens market is one of the fastest growing markets within the health care industry.  At Preferred Solutions, we have a unique understanding of the changes occurring throughout the medical community and work with physicians across a wide range of specialties, allowing them to focus on providing patient care and take back control of their careers.  We offer flexible re-reimbursement plans to financially reward your for your long hours and years of dedication to the medical field.  At Preferred Solutions, we have a tremendous respect for your skills and an appreciation for your talent that sets us apart from our competitors.

Joining Preferred Solutions is much more than a locums job.  It is a new way for you to enter the world of health care on your terms, with your schedule, to meet your needs, all while being part of our team helping to provide high quality patient care across the United States.  We encourage you to learn more about this new model as physicians from all specialties find this opportunity personally and professionally rewarding.  At Preferred Solutions, we understand that focusing on physician satisfaction ultimately translates into premier healthcare.  Click on “How to Apply” to learn more about how our Preferred Specialists can work with you to create a plan to meet your personal and professional goals.