Being a locum doctor gives you much more freedom than you would initially consider. You get to travel all over the country and get a change of scenery when you feel necessary, plus you are gaining a thorough and beneficial amount of experience for when you do want to settle down and potentially open your own practice!

At Preferred Solutions, we want to help you succeed in your medical career. We know how much effort and time medical school takes, now let us do some work for you. We match you with some of the best hospitals and clinics in the country, where your medical talents can shine. Potentially becoming a locum doctor will let you gain the experience you need, let you work on all different types of patients, and let you explore different parts of the country. Our next stop, we think you would be perfect working as a locum doctor, is Austin!

Benefits of Working Locum in Austin

Seton Medical Center

This is the best hospital in Austin and it’s ranked as one of the best in the U.S. This hospital has many specialties including oncology, urology, orthopedics, and much more. You will learn a great deal of knowledge working with some amazing and renowned physicians and surgeons. No day will feel the same and work at the best medical center in Austin will push your career in the direction you need.

Barton Springs

One the main attractions within Austin is the Barton Springs Pool. Located in the beautiful setting of Zilker Park, it is somewhere where you would love to relax and enjoy the Austin sunshine. The pool is large, so there is plenty of room to roam and is fed from natural spring water. Swimming is possible any time of year since Austin is warm all year round. Even if you don’t feel like swimming, check out the park and its beautiful landscape. This will be a fun trip for you and your colleagues, or just you, to wind down on your day off.

The Capital

If you love learning about history, there is no better place to visit than Austin’s stunning capitol building. The building is adorned with all artifacts to help you learn the history of Austin and Texas as a whole. Austin is the capital of Texas, so where is a better place to learn about the Lonestar state? You can take a guided tour or just walk around the building. This is an activity that will get you more in touch with Austin’s roots and why you will love being a locum doctor in this great city.

Mount Bonnell

If you love to see the scenery a city has to offer, Mount Bonnell is where you want to visit in Austin! Mt. Bonnell is a small hike up a flight of stone steps, the steps lead you to a breathtaking view of Austin. You will be able to view the water and get a good photo of Austin’s skyline. Once you get to the top of the stairs there will also be some interesting stone structures to check out as well.

Music Scene

If Austin is known for anything, it’s the music. Austin is full of live music every corner your turn. From country to rock, there is something for everyone. Live music thrives in Austin. During the first week of January, free week takes place. Hundreds of artists and bands perform shows that are free to the public. In March there is huge music and art festival South by Southwest (SXSW). There is also 6th street which is full of fun restaurants and bars will plenty of live music to check out on any given weekend. Let loose and check out some music in the live music capitol!

Being a locum tenen doctor gives you the opportunity to check this amazing and exciting city, or anywhere in the country for that matter. Preferred Solutions can set you up with an amazing position in a city and medical facility you want to be in. Learn more here and get started with us today!