For Locum Tenens Physicians

Q1. How is my malpractice covered?

A1. Your malpractice insurance is covered by Preferred Solutions

Q2. What expenses does Preferred Solutions cover?

A2. Preferred Solutions covers all of your travel expenses including airfare, rental car, hotel room, tolls, and fuel. All licensing costs and credentialing costs are covered.

Q3. How do I start?

A3. Apply Here at Preferred Solutions today

Q4. Can I pick where I want to go?

A4. You will always have the ability to say no to an offer or choose between two locations when the situation exists. If you have specific regional preferences, our team will work with you to find locations that can accommodate your locum tenens requests.

Q5. How is orientation arranged once I arrive?

A5. Our team will set you up with the appropriate liaison for each hospital. On your first day, they will walk you through the hospital and ensure all of the appropriate paperwork and access is granted for your experience.

Q6. What airline, hotels and rental agencies do you use?

A6. We use known carriers for all travel. When available, you will be in a three star or greater hotel. Whenever possible, our medical recruiting specialists will try to meet your requests regarding specific hotel, airline or rental car carriers. If you are a member of specific reward programs our team will attach these numbers to your profile for recurring work.

Q7. Can I go somewhere just one time?

A7. Yes

Q8. How much will I get reimbursed?

A8. For most medical specialties, we aim to offer you a flat rate for the time period designated. This helps you know how much to expect for the time period you work. There are situations that we use an hourly rate along with an industry call rate. More details about your exact reimbursement can be discussed with one of our physician recruitment specialists.

Q9. What if there are certain procedures/conditions that I do not cover?

A9. Credentialing procedures occur between you and the facility. We help to expedite the process, but you will be given opportunity to request specific credentials.

Q10. How will I get a state medical license for states where I have never worked?

A10. We will work with you to acquire the appropriate license and credentials needed to practice. Each state may have varying requirements. Fortunately many states use the FCVS system and we can work with you through this process. Any fees incurred by licensing and credentialing will be reimbursed to you.

Q11. Will I be practicing by myself at the location?

A11. This is variable. In some institutions, you will be the sole provider for the facility during your coverage time. Many facilities are seeking additional help to supplement their current practice or help with call burden. Once you have expressed interest in a hospital or clinic, we can give you a better idea of what role is needed while understanding that this may change.

Q12. If I like working at a certain facility, can I stay on as permanent staff?

A12. Yes, when this situation occurs, our recruiting services will transition from a locums placement agency to a recruitment agency and can work with you and the hospital for permanent placement.