The process starts with a phone interview with one of our Preferred Specialists.  The purpose of this discussion is to gain an understanding of your personal and professional goals to help us ensure your successful placement.  Our Preferred Specialists will ask questions regarding your specialty or specialties, the location and duration of practice interests, and work to identify your specific family or travel needs.  Often times, our Preferred Specialists will have hospitals currently seeking coverage and in those cases we will discuss these opportunities with you.  If you seek more specialized placement, our Preferred Specialists will perform a thorough market search to seek out opportunities that provide an optimal fit for you.  Our Preferred Specialists are trained to assist you through the licensing and credentialing process to make these experiences as simple and efficient as possible.   Once a relationship is established, our team will make every effort to ensure you a rewarding experience by arranging executive travel and lodging, coordinating orientation on location, and soliciting your feedback.   At Preferred Solutions, we are the new standard in medical staffing and we look forward to working with you to help you reach your goals.