Choosing to go to medical school is a major decision for any adult. Whether you are just out of college, or you have waited many years to get back into your education, you are taking a huge step for your future career within medicine. However, when deciding to go to medical school, there is a lot of debt that comes with it.

According to, the average debt amount for in-state tuition over the course of four years is about $210,000. That is the equivalent of a house. When it comes to your career path, you should never take medical school lightly. Becoming a doctor is a fascinating career choice. You are constantly learning and helping others. You want to focus on that, and not your $3,000 a month student loan payment. One way to help you cope with this amount of debt and help push your career in the right direction is becoming a locum tenens physician.
At Preferred Solutions, we staff physicians, like yourself, all over the country. You can pick the location you want to go and the duration of your stay. Locum tenens work helps boost your medical career due to the all the experience you will gain by working in different offices, hospitals, and with many different patients. The main reason you went into the medical field was to help as many people as possible, so do just that with Preferred Solutions.

Benefits of Locum Tenens Work


Pay Off Your Debt

A major benefit of locum tenens work is that the pay is substantial. Getting locum tenens assignments right out of the gate can help you get ahead of all the new debt you have recently accrued after finishing medical school. Locum tenens is a great opportunity because you go where needed, and for as long as needed. You can fill in for other physicians who are on leave, or you can work in some understaffed facilities and help the patient load. A locum tenens salary is dependent on the job and specialty, and one of our staff members at Preferred Solutions can discuss those further details. While you are working on location, our staffing center covers all your travel and lodging expenses. You will be able to save money and put more towards your debt.

Help Patients

While a part of you in interested in the monetary aspect of locum tenens work, a larger part of you is wanting to help the patients. When working locum tenens, you go to places where patients need you the most. You can feel satisfied in knowing that people are being taken care of, and it will be under your advice and care. You will be assisting hospitals and offices with wait times that are excessively long. Once you fill in a position, the patients can get seen more quickly and get the service they deserve.

Gain Experience

When working on location, and practically on the go, you will have a lot of experience to add to your resume. One of the major issues of securing a position within the medical field is lack of experience. Yes, you went to medical school and have participated in residency, but employers want to see more hands-on experience. Working as locum tenens will let you gain the expertise you need to be a desired physician within your specialty. You will not only learn hands-on patient care but also how different facilities are run. Locum tenens work can also help you decide where you may want to work permanently, whether it be location or type of medical facility.
With locum tenens work, you will gain experience you need to continue working in the medical field, you will have an income that will help you pay your educational debts, and the patients will always come first. Learn more and start working with Preferred Solutions today!