If you are thinking of working in locum tenens, look no further than Preferred Solutions to help get you there. Our medical staffing is courteous and professional throughout the entirety of the process. And being located in Houston, we always have that southern charm. Sometimes, we may have medical facilities right here at home looking for your assistance. If you are thinking about locum tenens assignments, we would love to have you in Houston.


Houston has a lot to offer. We have amazing people, food, and attractions. Plus, some of our medical facilities are the best in the country, such as UPMC. Learn why Houston may be a great place for you to enjoy your locum tenens work.



Benefits of Working Locum Tenens in Houston


Space Center

Home to Nasa’s beginning, this should be a stop on your tour of Houston. This center is full of education, wonderment, and history about Nasa, landing on the moon, and where technology is taking us. Learn so much you never thought was possible on your tour of this space museum. Discover the ins and outs of mission control from where it originally started to present day. You also can view the podium that President Kennedy himself stood. This would be a great attraction to enjoy on a day off from your locum tenens work assignment.


Taking a trip to the downtown aquarium is always a fun and relaxing time. The Houston aquarium houses with many other attractions to create a whole day of fun things to see and experience. You will be able to dive into the education of marine biology, and immerse yourself in the sea life. Not only will you be able to educate yourself on sea life, but because this is the south, there are also exhibits showcasing the gulf coast, and Louisiana swamps. You also will be able to feed and touch live stingrays! Enjoy yourself and take a nice break from all the hard work you have been doing n Houston.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

If you are an individual who loves history, you will very much enjoy this museum in Houston. Learn all about the prehistoric era that focuses on human evolution. Explore African life with actual artifacts and wildlife replicas to get a feel for the past. Another exciting attraction within the museum is viewing natural rocks and gemstones that are world renowned, such as The Alma Queen, an exquisite red rhodochrosite. Preferred Solutions understands how hard your work in your locum tenen position, so we understand you also need to enjoy the areas you visit as well.

Enjoy Downtown

Instead of going to a specific attraction, take a day to get “lost” in Houston. The downtown area is home to many places for delicious food, and drinks. The area is full of unique shops for yourself or loved ones, and a bustling nightlife for those tougher days. Houston is a great town with lots of opportunities to explore. Working locum is perfect if you have always wanted to visit Houston but haven’t yet gotten the chance.
If you have been considering a physician position, but want to keep your options open, come to Preferred Solutions. We have an experienced and professional staff to help find you the perfect place for your locum work. Locum tenens for physicians pays well so you can have stability while still traveling. Even though this is on need basis there are permanent placement opportunities. Locum tenens for physicians allows you to travel without the added expense. Learn more here and sign up for our services at Preferred Solutions