When working locum, you are in control of your own career path. Preferred Solutions helps you figure out where you want to go and where you want to practice, yet you decide the rest. Most new physicians settle to anywhere they can get a stable position in their specialty. However, keep your options open, and your career can take you to exciting new places.

Working locum tenens has all the benefits for you as a physician. The pay is stable, the work is challenging, and the locations are ever changing, if you so desire. We are profiling different and spectacular places you can work during locum tenen assignments. Next up, on our list is a place that is full of culture, amazing sights, and has some of the best medical facilities in the country: San Francisco!

Benefits of Working Locum Tenens in San Francisco



This hospital is ranked in the top 10 of the entire country, meaning its facilities have all the accommodations you are searching for. This medical facility is well-rounded, diverse, and gives you many opportunities to further your career. This hospital focuses on innovation and treating patients with the best care possible. If you have always dreamed of working in an area that makes a difference, you will fit right into the UCSF model. If you would like to potentially work at one of the best hospitals in the country, apply to work locum tenens today!


If you are an individual who loves learning about history and things outside the box, Alcatraz is a great place for you to come and visit. Take a lovely ferry ride over to this magnificent and mysterious island. See and learn all about the history of the jail and the time it was thriving. You can take an audio tour, so you don’t miss any information about the structure. Once you are done with your tour of the penitentiary you will be able to view the nature that surrounds the island, such as seabirds and all different types of beautiful flora. You must check out this island while doing locum work in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most iconic parts of San Francisco is this stunning piece of architecture. This bridge, one you can not miss, is constructed using huge tall towers, cables, and is a bright and fascinating orange. The Golden City has been depicted in many movies and television shows utilizing this exact bridge, so why wouldn’t you be keen to see it in person? You can either drive, walk, or even bike across into the other northern counties such as Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, and more. There are look out spots throughout the city to view the bridge as well.

AT&T Park

If you love baseball or just enjoy learning about the staples of the cities you visit while doing your locum tenens work for physicians, you should check out this amazing baseball stadium. Home to the World Series-winning San Francisco Giants, there is a lot to take in about this stadium. Take a tour and learn fascinating facts about the actual structure and the team. If you are working locum during baseball season, attempt to catch a game. You won’t be disappointed seeing a great baseball team with breathtaking bay views as the backdrop.

If you have been considering locum tenens for physicians, take the next step. Apply with Preferred Solutions and we will get you set up with a great medical facility and location. Learn more here and contact us today!