1. Locum Tenens For Physicians: Work in Seattle

    Locum tenens for physicians has many perks. The pay is good, the work is challenging, and you are able to travel all around the country. Working locum tenens gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to working in the medical industry. Gain experience and have fun at the same time by exploring all the different areas you may find work in. Decide if the city life, or a rural area, is fitting for you…Read More

  2. Locum Tenens For New Physicians

    Choosing to go to medical school is a major decision for any adult. Whether you are just out of college, or you have waited many years to get back into your education, you are taking a huge step for your future career within medicine. However, when deciding to go to medical school, there is a lot of debt that comes with it. According to bestmedicalschools.net, the average debt amount for in-state …Read More

  3. How To Improve Patient Relationships For Locum Doctors

    When it comes to working as a locum tenens physician, there are many differences than a traditional physician. You are able to make your own schedule, travel, and go anywhere as often as needed. There are a lot of perks to locum tenens, especially when it comes to the patients. Because the business-end of being a physician is being handled elsewhere, there is much more time to see patients and try…Read More

  4. Residents and Locum Tenens Work

    Locum tenens work has grown substantially in the past ten years   Locum Tenens work is an option that often goes unconsidered by many residents and doctors in training. However, here at Preferred Solutions, we feel that locum tenens work can have an enormous impact on the a residents future career plans. Locum jobs are becoming more and more popular, and the rising trend of locum jobs is not …Read More

  5. Salary Negotiation Tips

      Get the most out of your locum tenens salary.   One of the biggest benefits to becoming a locum tenens worker is the competitive pay scale. Locum workers tend to make more than physicians who serve a single practice, and have more of a say when negotiating their salary. At Preferred Solutions we do everything we can to support locum tenens workers and the medical facilities they serve.…Read More

  6. 4 Benefits of Rural Locum Tenens Work

    Rural Locum Tenens Work Here at Preferred Solutions, we want you to find the locum tenens position that best suits your needs. We understand that physicians often choose locum tenens work to see new places, experience new things, and broaden their work experience. While many urban areas are a great fit for locum tenens workers, rural areas come with an added set of benefits that their city counter…Read More

  7. The Benefits of Working Locum Tenens

    Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means” to hold the place of.” The practice was popularized in the 1970s with doctors from the the University of Utah being awarded federal grants to provide staffing for rural areas in the western United States. The results were so successful that the practice has continued ever since. At Preferred Solutions, we specialize in helping locum doctors find pract…Read More